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Project Management Essentials

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Course Details

Project Management

Course Duration - One day

Benefits of Project Management Essentials Course

As businesses seek to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the increasingly demanding business climate, emphasis on selecting, prioritising and delivering the right projects that directly support organisation’s strategy, is more essential than ever.

Crucial to this strategic objective is essential project management - a structure to ensure that investments in projects, monitoring and evaluation and resource allocation, is improved throughout project life-cycles and through to delivery and project close.  Successful completion of our Project Management Essentials course will help organisations deliver the right projects, the right way.

Led by highly skillful trainers with many years of experience, during our Project Management Essentials course we will teach you the fundamentals of project management, project initiation, scope planning and time management.  We will walk you through resource identification and cost approximating, budgeting and cost control and much more besides!

Insight IT guarantee a consistently high standard of training. Our trainers have at least five years of training experience. Please contact us today to discover how we can help you and your business with your training requirements.

Course Content

Fundamentals of project management

  • Projects
  • The project management process

Characteristics of a project

  • The project environment
  • The project manager
  • The project team

Project initiation and scope planning

  • Project initiation
  • Scope planning

Scope definition, verification, and change control

  • Scope definition
  • Scope verification
  • Scope change control

Time management

  • Activity definition and sequencing
  • Activity duration

Schedule development and control

  • Schedule development
  • Schedule control

Resource identification and cost approximating

  • Resource identification
  • Cost approximating

Budgeting and cost control

  • Cost budgeting
  • Cost control


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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