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Want a Tailored Course?

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But I want a Bespoke / Tailored course!

It's Free of Charge

This is not a problem and we can give you as much help as you need. It is easy to organise and is free of charge.

We encourage you to think about the skills your staff will need to learn to become more efficient in the workplace. A tailored course is very cost-effective, requires less time out of the office, improves staff productivity, and will give your organisation the best return on its investment. Most of the training we deliver is tailored in some way, and there are many benefits to private training.

The training can be tailored to meet your exact needs in one of the following ways:

  • Course Builder
  • Pick and Mix” the topics you want from the outlines
  • Send a Wish List of your requirements to us
  • We can provide and evaluate a Skills Assessment Form for each trainee
  • Chat”—the trainer can call, or we can meet with you, to discuss any specific requirements

Whichever option you choose, Insight will recommend a content, format and duration for your approval. Whatever your criteria, it’s easy to organise a tailored course which will save you time, money and give you a greater return on your training investment.

It's free of charge to organise!

How else can we help?

You can move away from the regular content of a basic to advanced course. To focus on specific topics, reduce time away from the office or help you get the most from your training budget, please consider the following options-

  • Workshop - for trouble shooting, problem solving or achieving a specific goal
  • Modular – ideal for training people from different departments or a group of people who do not need to attend a full day of training
  • Mixed Software – combine topics at different levels for one or more software packages. For example, you could have basic InDesign in the morning followed by intermediate Excel in the afternoon. The combinations are endless!
  • Flexi training – ideal for directors or busy managers
  • Floor Walking – one-to-one help and support with specific problems
  • Upgrades or Conversions – learn about new and changed features
  • Home Based Workers – ideal for out based staff or staff that are away from the office a lot
  • Telephone or “At Desk” interviews – to provide a more in-depth understanding of what needs to be achieved (current level of knowledge and future objectives)
  • “Live” Problem Solving – providing help with projects such as Templates, VBA solutions, Spreadsheet problems, etc
  • Training Plan Development – use our help and experience to combine these options in the most beneficial way for you

These options can be combined to create a truly unique, flexible and cost-effective training solution.

After the training...

... you are not alone because we provide: -

  • a Certificate of Attendance for each trainee
  • a course manual for reference after the training
  • copies of the Assessment Forms for your records
  • an Evaluation Report (optional) to help you to evaluate the quality of the training provided and plan any future courses
  • if needed, free support by email or phone
  • access to our Discount Plan and Loyalty Reward Scheme
  • receipt of a quarterly Newsletter by email (opt-in or opt-out)

If they wish, the attendees can also take the files or data they have worked on away with them afterwards.

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