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Excel - PivotTables & What-If Analysis

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Course Details

Microsoft Excel

Course Duration - 2 hours

Course Objectives

Many people have heard the word PivotTable. It gets mentioned all the time in meetings. Ask someone what they do and they will normally look away and mumble something before beating a hasty retreat. 

This mini session reveals the secrets of the PivotTable - if you have a list of data that you would like to summarise in an easy and flexible way, these are for you. 

We also look at a little used area of Excel - the What-If Analysis tools. 

Course Content

PivotTables and PivotCharts

  • Create a PivotTable
  • Change the type of calculation used in the table
  • Get the table to do your percentage calculations for you!
  • Refresh the table with changes made to the data
  • Turn your table into a chart

What-If Analysis

  • Scenario Manager - Create your formulas and then store multiple versions of the values in your spreadsheet. You can then substitute in any set of figures at any time instead of retyping them
  • Goal Seek - Ever sat there trying the get the answer you want by changing a figure over and over again? Don’t, attend this session instead.
  • Data Tables - An alternative to Scenarios. Use a data table to try out different values in your formulas


This course does assume that you are familar with Excel and, preferably, have used Excel to store lists of data.

What's Next

You may find that you already know the functions you can use with your worksheets to make life easier. If not, check out our Excel - Advanced Functions short course.

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