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Excel - Linking Sheets & Workbooks

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Course Details

Microsoft Excel

Course Duration - 2 hours

Course Objectives

You might want to consider this mini course if:

You find you are entering the same data in more than one place.

You want to change several sheets adding the same information to each - maybe a new row with a certain piece of information on it.

You would like to have a totals sheet that summarises the other sheets. 

You might also work with multiple workbooks and would like to share information between these files.

Our course content will help you achieve these goals.

Course Content

Multiple Worksheets

  • Working in a file with many sheet tabs (move a sheet or copy it)
  • Set up a file with many sheets all with the same layout - without using copy and paste!
  • Make the same change to all the worksheets in the file - all in one go.
  • Create calculations that bring in information from another sheet

Multiple Workbooks

  • Create a formula that brings in information from a different workbook
  • Use Workspace files to quickly open many files that are all stored in different locations


This course does assume that you have some prior experience of using Excel and creating formulas. 

What's Next

You may find that you already know the functions you can use with your worksheets to make life easier. If not, check out our Excel - Advanced Functions short course.

Another mini course you might want to consider is our Excel - PivotTables & What-If Analysis course. 

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