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Excel - Advanced Functions & More

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Course Details

Course Duration - Half day (3 hours)

Course Objectives

Have ever seen $ in other people’s formulas and wondered what they were doing there?

Do you know some of the functions (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT etc.) but you keep seeing mystical functions like VLOOKUP, SUMIF maybe even INDIRECT in other people’s formulas? 

If so, this is the course for you. We explore these functions and principles to get you moving on with functIons in Excel.

Course Content

So what’s with the $ in formulas?

  • Understand what the $ does in a formula
  • Use $ in a formula 

What if I don’t want to see $ in my formulas? Can I avoid them?

  • The answer is “kind of”. Learn how to use a feature of Excel that lets you name parts of your spreadsheet and then refer to them using that name. This also has the benefit of making your fomulas much easier to read. 


  • Using IF and VLOOKUP
  • IFERROR - get rid of those irritating #DIV/O! errors
  • SUMIF and COUNTIF - easily and quickly get totals from your data. 
  • INDIRECT - this sounds weird, but you can create a formula to look at something that doesn’t exist yet!


This course does assume that you have some prior experience of using Functions in Excel. 

If you’ve looked at the Excel - Basic Calculations course and thought “easy!” then this will take you onto the next level.

What's Next

Functions and formulas in Excel are great and a main part of working with Excel. However, why not have a look at working with Excel - Databases & Charts, or Excel - PivotTables & What-If Analysis.

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