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Train the IT Trainer Level 1

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Course Details

Course Duration – One day

Benefits Of Train IT the Trainer Level 1 Course

Training isn’t just about what you know, it’s also about how you share that wisdom with an audience.  Delivering information in an engaging and unforgettable way is also a prerequisite of being the perfect trainer.

Our Train the Trainer Level 1 course is suitable for people who are new to an IT training role and will be training others in the workplace or are an existing trainer needing a refresher course. This course includes the use of practical exercises throughout and will give you a comprehensive guide of the knowledge and key capabilities expected of trainers.

We believe that our skills and teaching techniques are unrivalled by others.  Insight IT’s Train the Trainer course will help you to gain the specific skills you need to become an efficient and effective IT trainer.  During our course we cover topics such as expectations and fears, mixed groups, generating rapport.  We will also show you how to run practical sessions, maintaining your audience’s interest and lots more besides.  Please look through our course content or contact us for more details.

Course Content

  1. Making IT Interesting
  2. Expectations and Fears
  3. Technical Problems
  4. Mixed Groups
  5. “KISS” – Explanations, Examples & Practicals
  6. Generating Rapport
  7. Maintaining Interest
  8. Balance of Telling and Doing
  9. Overcoming "Technofear"
  10. Using Equipment to Legitimate a Lack of Understanding
  11. Dealing with Luddite Attitudes
  12. Running Practical Sessions
  13. Dealing with Keyboard Fiddlers
  14. Minimising the Effects of System Failure
  15. Disparate Range of Skills & Experiences
  16. Handling the Mixed Status Environment


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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