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Word - Tables

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Course Details

Microsoft Word

Course Duration - 1-2 hours (depending on current knowledge)

Course Objectives

Tables can be a delight to work with, they can also be a nightmare if you don’t know how they work,

We look at how to make the table do what YOU want it to do. For example, do you find your table suddenly shoots off the edge of the page when you try to add a new column? Or did you know that pressing a certain key on the keyboard will create a new row at the end of a table?

Sometimes people abandon Word in favour of Excel when it comes to creating a table. That’s fine, but did you know that you don’t need to leave Word to do so? You can create an Excel spreadsheet in the middle of your Word document.

Course Content


  • Create a basic table
  • Add columns and/or rows
  • Stop the table shooting off the side of the page
  • Split a cell in two
  • Merge cells into one
  • Create a formula in your table
  • Position text inside the cell easily
  • Sort the data in your table

I want to use Excel!

  • Create a spreadsheet in your Word document
  • Insert an existing spreadsheet into your document


This course does assume that you have some prior experience of using Word. 

What's Next

The next step after completing this mini course is to move on with other Word sessions. Other useful sessions include Word - Document Formatting, Word - Mail Merge and Word - Working with Sections. The Word - Styles and Templates course is an excellent option if you are planning on writing a lot of reports. 

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