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PowerPoint - Drawing Tools

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Course Details

Microsoft PowerPoint

Course Duration - 1 hour

Course Objectives

PowerPoint (and all the other Office programs) have some basic drawing tools that you can use to create your own diagrams. 

You may have played around with these already, drawing rectangles, ovals and lines etc. But have you ever had a wonky line? Or wanted to draw a perfect circle?

We will look at the drawing tools in PowerPoint (but the same techniques and shortcuts apply in the other programs). 

Discover shortcuts and easy ways of using the drawing tools to achieve results quickly and simply.

Course Content

Draw your objects

  • Draw a perfect circle, square or straight line
  • Draw several of the same object (without copying, or clicking on the icon every time)
  • Create a shape that is perfect and then quickly create multiple copies
  • Draw a line between two shapes that moves when the shapes move

Manipulate your drawing objects

  • Quickly and easily line up shapes with each other and/or the slide
  • Change the order of objects (for example, if one object is hiding behind another, make it come to the front)
  • Apply borders, reflections, shadows, bevels and 3d effects to an object.


You don’t have to know anything about PowerPoint to attend this course.

What's Next

The next step after completing this mini course is to move on with some of the other PowerPoint short courses. Or, if this is enough for you for now, why not look at combining this short course with some Word or Excel mini sessions?

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