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Fri, 24 Jun 2016

Your organisation might be in the process of reviewing your training policy or might be having some issues with your training provider and be considering a change. Or you may be looking at arranging some IT training for the first time. If this is the case, then please consider the following comments made by our customers during the last 18 years of trading:


The most common comment from our customers who have tried Online learning and changed to private instructor led training is “Online is cheap but it doesn’t work!” Insight IT Training will never offer Online learning as a training option for our customers.

Here is some feedback from our customers who have tried Online training:

"No human interaction"

"Trainees find Online learning boring"

"Staff often start online courses and don’t complete them"

"Poor staff uptake of Online learning"

"Unable to ask questions, especially if a topic is not understood"

"Unable to tailor the content of the course"

Public/Open Courses

Heres a sample of  comments from our customers who have put staff onto Public or Open courses:

"Group sizes are often too large"

"Usually a mix of members of public, business people or staff from public sector attend and they usually have mixed abilities and varied learning speeds, which we don’t have any control of"

"Courses are often cancelled at short notice"

"Back up support following the course is often not available or has to be paid for"

"Manuals are usually used as workbooks"

"Often the course is rushed because the training provider crams in too much course content"

"Unless you have an account, you have to pay in advance"    

"Not enough practical exercises for hands-on practice during the course"

"Too much demonstration, with excessive use of a projector"

The above factors mean that the trainer can only spend a limited time on each topic and for any questions. The trainer can only answer questions at the end of the course and the trainer will not answer any questions that don’t relate to the course content just completed.

Customers tell us that one of the greatest concerns about Public/Open courses is to do with the trainer. “They are often inexperienced with little or no business experience”.

The most common comment from our customers who have tried Public/Open courses and changed to private instructor led training is “These courses are inflexible and not cost effective because our staff don’t learn skills that are relevant to their job roles or our business. Our IT Support Desk spend too much time helping staff that have attended these type of courses and they learn too many skills that they will never use”.

Private Training

Many years of research clearly show that learning is much more effective if it is relevant to the individual and if the newly learned skills are put into practice straight away. This is why Insight IT Training only provides a private instructor led service.

Insight IT Training Limited is the leading provider of private instructor training, exclusively for business users, in the UK. We have been trading for nearly 18 years, delivering private training to businesses and the public sector or charities nationwide.

If you can identify with any of the comments or issues made about Public/Open courses or Online training, then perhaps you should consider a private instructor led training service such as Insight’s. Here are some comments showing what our customers like about our service: 

"The training is 100% hands-on, with practical exercises throughout"

"Only their staff attend and the training is totally relevant to their needs"

"Their staff become much more efficient in their job roles because they learn job relevant skills that they can use straight away in the workplace, and because of the time saving techniques and short cuts also learnt on the course"

"The manuals are an excellent source for reference after the training. They are not used as workbooks"

"The free ongoing support is responsive and very good, if needed after the training"

"Our staff dictate the pace of the course and they can ask any questions they like during the training"

"Insight are prepared to handle staff with mixed abilities and staff using mixed versions of the software on the day"

"Insight are flexible to tailor or “tweak” the content on the day if necessary"

"Our staff can work on their own files, documents or data during the course"

"Insight’s trainers are prepared to help our staff with any specific issues or problems after the training has finished"

"Insight’s trainers are easy to understand because they use jargon free language"

"Insight has significantly reduced the burden on our IT Department’s Help/Support Desk, meaning that they now have more time to get on with what they are supposed to be doing"

"They offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to organising the training, which means that we can choose dates that are most convenient for us. They are also very flexible if we need to change or postpone a date"

The most common feedback comment that Insight receives from its customers is “It’s relevant, time saving, high quality, consistent and very cost effective. A much better way to spend our money on training”.

Don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at some of our customer testimonials.

About Insight IT Training Limited

Insight’s core objectives are to deliver high quality training as consistently as possible that is job relevant and in as flexible a way as possible. This is why Insight’s trainers have 7 years or more training experience and have only trained business users.

Insight can provide computers for training at your office. They don’t need internet access or to be connected to your network. All we need is a meeting room and an electrical socket. We will bring along everything else. It takes no more than 30 minutes before the start of the course to set up the computers in the room. If you don’t have a meeting room available, then a private training course could take place off-site at one of our venues nationwide.

Insight will tailor the content free of charge and they offer a range of options for this service – “Pick and Mix”, “Trainer Call” or a Skills Assessment. These are all available free of charge.

Insight also offer flexibility in terms of the format of the training delivered – 1-to-1. Home Worker training, Floorwalking, Modular sessions, Troubleshooting/Problem Solving Workshops, Short Courses, Half Day Sessions (morning and/or afternoon 3 hour sessions with the same group or 2 different groups of people) or a combination of these options. Again, this is all free of charge to organise.

For more of a flavour of our training style and how we go about things, please have a look at our video on our Home Page.


We hope that you have found this article interesting and thought provoking. Insight strongly believes that it is worth trying private instructor led training if you have not done so before. What have you got to lose!

To contact Insight IT Training Limited for a quotation, more information or just a chat about your requirements and how we can help, either call Clare on 08452 30 60 99 or send an enquiry to Insight.

Now it's over to you to make that decision!

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