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Assertiveness Skills

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Course Details

Assertiveness Skills

Course Duration – One day

Benefits of Assertiveness Skills Course

Assertiveness is a communication skill in much the same way that negotiating, delegating and other identifiable business skills are basically communication skills. Assertiveness is for everyone, it is a skill that enables people to be more confident and to say the right thing at the right time.

Assertiveness increases the chance of success in any human transaction and as such, supervisors, management, sales executives as well as secretarial staff, accounts staff and all who deal with others, will find this a fascinating and really useful training course.

Led by highly skillful trainers with many years of experience, during our Assertiveness course, we will show you how to recognise what assertiveness is and how to become assertive.  We will cover topics such as two way communication, how to counsel yourself, plus lots of really useful tips, advice and techniques.

Course Content

What is Assertiveness?

  • What It is Not
  • Why We Need It

Culture and Gender Inhibitions

  • Why It is Not Easy

Counselling Yourself

  • The Need to Control Reaction
  • Learning to Respond
  • Changing Your Mind
  • Creating Self Esteem

Two Way Communication

  • Listening
  • Your Voice
  • Body Language

How to be Assertive

  • The Three Steps

Assertiveness Techniques

  • The Need to Think Positively
  • Use Your Inner Dialogue
  • Fogging the Issue
  • Facing Aggression
  • Broken Record
  • Getting the Message Through
  • Find Out About Broken Promises
  • Discrepancy Assertion
  • Negative Feelings Assertion
  • Don’t Let Your Emotions Take Charge
  • Saying No
  • You Have the Right to Say No, Without Feeling Guilty

Negotiating a Solution

  • Workable Compromise
  • Win, Win
  • Practical Work
  • Your Plans for Future Self Development


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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