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Visual Basic Introduction

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Course Details


Course Duration – Three days

Course Objectives

You will learn how to use Visual Basic to develop Windows applications. You should be familiar with the Windows environment and have some programming experience.

Course Content

Introduction to Visual Basic programming

  • What is Visual Basic?
  • Terminology
  • Steps to create an application
  • Modular environment

Building an application

  • Setting properties of objects
  • Forms
  • Introduction to controls
  • Object-based, event-driven programming


  • The Code Editor
  • Using the Object Browser to view properties and methods of objects
  • Statements and functions
  • Conditional statements
  • Looping statements
  • Native code


  • Overview


  • Showing and hiding forms
  • Order of events
  • Multiple forms
  • Startup and end of applications


  • Data types
  • Scope and lifetime of variables
  • Constants
  • Arrays and user-defined types


  • Introduction to procedures
  • Arguments and parameters
  • Named arguments and optional arguments


  • Control formatting
  • Standard controls
  • Custom controls


  • Creating and coding menus
  • Custom pop-up menus

Error handling

  • An introduction to error handlers


  • The Package and Deployment Wizard
  • Application Wizard

The next step

  • Data access using the Data Form Wizard and the data control
  • MDI forms
  • Classes
  • An introduction to ActiveX controls within Visual Basic


Experience of working within the Windows environment is essential and some programming experience is advisable.

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