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Supervision Skills

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Course Details

Supervision Skills

Course Duration – One day

Benefits Of Supervision Skills Course

Team leaders and supervisors have to manage people whilst still being part of a team. Being a first line supervisor is a demanding role, requiring very good people management skills. Our Supervision Skills course focuses on this. As such it’s perfect for recently promoted supervisors/team leaders, those in the role who want a refresher course or people who have had no formal training.

Our Supervison Skills course will help you develop the key skills required to control and direct the work effort of your team. On this course you will be given clear guidelines on each topic and will have the opportunity to hone your skills with the practical exercises.  Our course covers the key skills necessary for people to become effective supervisors and helps participants to make the change from team member to a competent and respected supervisor.

Led by highly skillful trainers with many years of experience, our Supervision Skills course covers the important areas a supervisor needs.  We will teach you time and priority management, the goals of a supervisor and motivational techniques.  Our course also covers coaching, counselling and advanced career development, plus a whole lot more!

Course Content

Becoming a supervisor – how to begin, renew or restart

  • What it takes to move from boss to supervisor/leader
  • The supervisory leadership index (SLI)
  • Tips on how to use the SLI
  • Common pitfalls of the renewed supervisor

Goals, the cornerstone to effective supervision

  • 8 ways to successfully launch a supervisory career
  • Now you are supervisor, what do you do?
  • Administrative essentials
  • The 90 day, one page management plan

Time and Priority management

  • Giving “AIR” to your goals
  • Scheduling problems and practical solutions
  • 3 steps to creating a daily plan
  • Techniques for handling interruptions
  • Strategies for resolving conflicting goals and priorities
  • Using the MBWA to minimize interruptions
  • Time tested techniques for the time master
  • Tips for working with your admin support staff
  • The 4 R’s of dealing with the paper flood

Performance management

  • The “life cycle” of the employee
  • 3 steps to hiring winners
  • The supervisor as trainer

The supervisor as a coach

  • How to determine when coaching is needed
  • The coaching model
  • 9 ways to become a better listener
  • How are your coaching skills?

The supervisor as counsellor

  • The “how to’s“ of a counselling session
  • Techniques for writing the improvement plan
  • Politics and legalities of discipline
  • The 4 step discipline process
  • Step 1 and 2 of the termination interview

The motivation workshop

  • Steps 4, 5 and 6 of the termination interview
  • Dealing with the aftermath of termination
  • What really motivates people?
  • How to reward behaviour – and get more of it
  • Motivation by being timely, specific, customized and fair

More on motivation

  • Creative alternatives to raises
  • 30 ways to recognize reward without using cash
  • Feedback as motivation
  • Dangers of punishment
  • How to recognize and use employees’ hidden strengths

Supervisor as a member of management team

  • The platinum rule for treating others
  • Alignment with your boss through values, goals, image and vision
  • What to do when another manager gives you a direct order
  • Using initiative to gain influence and visibility
  • What are your doing to develop your image?

Advanced career development

  • Creating a balanced lifestyle
  • Importance of being of service
  • How to avoid the self-destruct syndrome


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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