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Stress Management

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Course Details

Stress Management

Course Duration – One day

Benefits of Stress Management Course

We are all familiar with stress, unfortunately it’s a fact of life. With the fast pace of modern living, it feels more and more difficult to keep up. Sadly, the adverse effects of stress are common and rising.

Our stress response is sparked off when we are faced with overpowering demands. Important pressures we feel helpless coping with result in stress. The demands can be trivial or major, but it’s the importance we attach to them that determines their impact. Prolonged exposure to the effects of stress can have an impact on emotional, physical and mental health.

Our Stress Management course covers aspects of stress management for individuals and for managers.  The skills we will introduce you to include how to become stress smart, developing skills to help you cope with stress and signs of burnout.  We also teach you how to deal with difficult people and ways you can relieve stress.  For more details, please refer to our course content below.

Insight IT specialise in on-site training and can come to you to run our Stress Management course.

Course Contents

Stress Free vs. Stress Smart

  • Learning how to become stress smart
  • Tips on how to be functional when you’re sad or upset
  • Getting the “Devine Ah-Ha”

Change Skills

  • Developing change skills to help you cope with stress
  • Taking the “Fat Test”
  • Discovering the importance of balance in your life
  • Helping others through stressful situations

Support Mechanisms

  • Four Unconditional support mechanisms that can help you weather depression
  • The Magnet Theory
  • Why changing the stories of your life is important to your self-image

What are your “Leg Lifters”?

  • The secret to stress management
  • The Test Pilot Syndrome
  • How balance is pivotal to stress management
  • Identifying and learning to cope with your “Leg lifters”
  • How your energy level is like a pie and self-esteem affects the slices

Signs of Burnout

  • The 5 signs of burnout – how to tell when you’re there
  • Where are you on the self-esteem circle?
  • Learning why healthy self-esteem is “mobile”

Stress Balancers

  • Learning a system for rating difficult people
  • Six stress balancers to help you increase your self-esteem and reduce stress
  • Taking 36 exposures of yourself: how to accept good and bad qualities

Difficult People

  • The Eye Contact Story
  • Jerk Skills: tips you can use on difficult people
  • Difference between anger and hostility
  • The Teacup story
  • The Banana story: letting go of unwanted stress

The Marble Theory

  • Reviewing the Banana and Teacup stories
  • Marble Dumping – 4 ways to vent judgments and criticisms positively
  • How to reduce stress!!

Neutralising and the Salami Theory

  • Staying in neutral
  • Tips to avoid Pizza burns
  • The salami theory
  • The 4-8-12-16 theory
  • Successful ways of dealing with guilt
  • Balancing goals for work, home and health

Six ways of Relieving Stress

  • Personality types – how do they differ?
  • How you determine a situation determines your stress levels
  • Sink or swim!

The Hawaii Story

  • Coping with stress by accepting change
  • Why owning problems is essential to stress management


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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