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Presentation Skills

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Course Details

Presentation Skills

Course Duration – One day

Benefits of Presentation Skills Course

This one day Presentation Skills course looks at all the elements that affect how confidently you deliver any presentation, anytime anyplace!  It will help you look forward to your next presentation rather than wishing you were someone else instead. It offers straightforward, easy to practice tools to help you get your message across, cope with nerves, organise your material for the best impact and present successfully to audiences of any size.

At Insight IT, we believe that presentation is a skill which anyone can acquire. Whether you've dipped your toe in the water or have never stood up and given a presentation, our course will equip you with the skills to stand up there and present with confidence.

Led by highly skillful trainers with many years of experience, we will walk you through the basics of building and giving a presentation, presentation mechanics and processes and audience analysis.  Learn the fundamentals of persuasion and pick up lots of useful tips and advice to help you become skillful when presenting. Please take a look through our course details for more information.

Course Content

Fundamentals of presentation

  • Effective presentations
  • Understanding effective presentations
  • Understanding different types of presentations
  • Planning a presentation
  • Establishing objectives
  • Determining objectives
  • Making realistic objectives

Audience analysis and supporting material

  • Audience analysis
  • Analysing the audience
  • Supporting materials
  • Selecting supporting materials
  • Understanding the types of supporting material
  • Exploring retention and visual aids

Building presentations

  • Build presentations
  • Building the presentation
  • Develop an introduction
  • Developing the introduction
  • Capturing the attention of the audience
  • Organize the body of the presentation
  • Organizing the body of the presentation
  • Using transitions
  • Effective conclusion
  • Creating the conclusion
  • Closing the presentation

Presentation mechanics

  • Visual aids
  • Introducing visual aids
  • Using different types of visual aids
  • Understand visual aids
  • Displaying visual aids
  • Creating visual aids

Presentation process

  • Extemporaneous speaking
  • Understanding the presentation process
  • Preparation for speaking
  • Reducing the fear of speaking
  • Using warm-up routines
  • Deliver a presentation
  • Using different aspects of voice
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Using nonverbal communication aids
  • Maintaining a focus on the audience

Question-and-answer session

  • Handle questions effectively
  • Handling questions
  • Understanding the question-and-answer session
  • Handle challenging questions
  • Handling challenging questions
  • Handling challenging audience

Fundamentals of persuasion

  • Understand persuasion
  • Understanding persuasion
  • Analysing the audience
  • Motivating the audience
  • Making claims
  • Organize a persuasive presentation
  • Creating a persuasive introduction
  • Understanding the body of a persuasive presentation
  • Methods of persuasion
  • Using different methods of persuasion


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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