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Microsoft Power BI

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Course Details

Microsoft Power BI

Course Duration – 1 day

Course Objectives

Most organisations have data sitting in a variety of places and formats, from Excel files stored on local computers, through to SQL databases and cloud hosted platforms like Salesforce. The challenge is to combine all this distributed information in a meaningful way to allow sensible, informed decisions to be made.

Power BI can connect to all of these data sources and create connections between them to build a single complete picture. Calculations can be created and the information presented as interactive reports and consolidated web dashboards.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Power Bi Online

In this module, we will explore the purpose of Power BI Online and examine the differences between the products available. We will then explore the Power BI Online interface.

  • What is Power BI Online
  • Examining the Differences Between Power BI Desktop and Power BI Online
  • Exploring the Power BI Online Interface

Module 2: Importing Data

In this module, we will explore importing data into Power BI utilizing multiple sources.

  • Utilizing Excel (.xlsx or .xlsm), Comma Separated Value (.csv), and Power BI Desktop (.pbix) Files
  • Connecting to Databases
  • Examining Other Forms of Data
  • Understanding Data Refresh

Module 3: Creating Reports

In this module, we examine reports and how to configure them, then explore filters and KPI’s.

  • Creating a New Power BI Report
  • Adding Filters to a Power BI Report
  • Adding KPI’s to a Report

Module 4: Configuring Dashboards

In this module, we will cover dashboard configurations and explore pinning tiles.

  • Creating a Power BI Dashboard
  • Pinning Tiles

Module 5: Sharing Reports and Dashboards

In this module, we will examine ways of sharing reports and dashboards and also briefly explore options available utilizing Power BI mobile.


Knowledge of Windows along with familiarity with using a keyboard and mouse is assumed.

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