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Microsoft Expression Web Level 2

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Course Details

Microsoft Expression Web

Course Duration – One day

Benefits of Microsoft Expression Web Level 2 Course

During our course you will create an interactive and a dynamic website using Microsoft Expression Web. This course is designed for students with fundamental competency in using Expression Web for designing web pages and adding content and simple functionality into them, and those who need the skills to use Microsoft Expression Web to design a website with enhanced functionality and usability.

During our Level 2 course, you will learn how to work with Expression Web’s intuitive CSS controls to easily create and modify CSS styles and creating CSS page layouts. You will understand and work with layers, forms and frames and use XML to create and display data from an XML database. For a full list of topics covered in this course, please read through our course content.

To be successful on this course, students should have taken the Microsoft Expression Web Level 1 course or equivalent knowledge. This is a one day course, 100% hands-on led by highly skilled Microsoft trainers. We give you practical exercises to practice your new skills as you learn them. 

Course Content

Creating the Layout of a Website

  • Create a CSS Layout
  • Modify a Layout
  • Create the Master Page

Working with Layers

  • Create Layers
  • Set Layer Styles
  • Manage Multiple Layers
  • Assign Behaviours to Layers

Working with Forms

  • Create a Form
  • Set Validation Parameters for Form Controls
  • Display Database Data on a Web Page
  • Create a Login Page Using the Login Controls
  • Enhance Form Design

Designing Web Pages Using Frames

  • Create a Frames Page
  • Edit Display Properties of a Frame
  • Add Hyperlinks to a Frames Page
  • Add an Inline Frame

Working with XML

  • Create an XML Database
  • Display XML Data on a Web Page
  • Display RSS Feeds on a Web Page

Managing Workgroup Development

  • Create a Workgroup
  • Work with Workflow Reports
  • Manage Files with Source Control


Microsoft Expression Web Level 1 (or equivalent knowledge).

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