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Microsoft Expression Web Level 1

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Course Details

Microsoft Expression Web

Course Duration – One day

Benefits of Microsoft Expression Web Level 1 Course

Do you want to make some information available on the Internet? To do this, you may want to design, build, and upload a website. The features and functions in Microsoft Expression Web will allow you to create a website to fit your requirements.

Our one day Expression Web Level 1 course is an instructor led, classroom delivered learning model with structured hands-on activities. During the course you will learn how to create a website using Microsoft Expression Web, covering topics such as designing the layout of a website, adding and formatting content and working with links. You will also work with templates, tables and images.

Our Expression Web course is intended for people who want to create web pages. It will be helpful, but not essential, to have knowledge of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets.

Would your company benefit from a private Microsoft training course? If so, Insight IT can help. Your training will be totally dedicated to the needs of your organisation and only your staff will attend. Please get in touch for more information on how we can assist your business.

Course Content

Getting Started with Expression Web

  • Overview of Website Development
  • Explore the Expression Web Interface
  • Customize the Expression Web Interface

Designing the Layout of a Website

  • Define a Website
  • Design Layouts Using Layout Tables
  • Define Standard Layout Components
  • Create a Dynamic Web Template

Adding Content to a Website

  • Create a Home Page
  • Add Text to a Web Page
  • Import Pages to a Website
  • Format Text
  • Work with Tables
  • Work with Images

Formatting a Website Using CSS

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Create an External Style Sheet
  • Attach an External Style Sheet
  • Create an Internal Style Sheet
  • Modify an External Style Sheet

Working with Links

  • Create Hyperlinks
  • Create Bookmark Links
  • Format Text Hyperlinks
  • Create a Hotspot

Adding Interactivity

  • Add an Interactive Button
  • Open a Page in a New Browser Window
  • Create a Rollover
  • Add an Audio File

Finalizing a Website

  • Check for Accessibility
  • Check for Compatibility
  • Generate CSS Reports
  • Check the Site Summary Report
  • Publish the Website


It will be helpful, but not essential, to have knowledge of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets.

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