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JavaScript Programming

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Course Details


Course Duration – One day

Course Objectives

You will create and execute scripts to develop interactive web content using JavaScript.

Course Content

Getting Started with JavaScript

  • Create a Basic JavaScript Script
  • Execute a Script
  • Add Comments to a Script

Managing the Browser Window

  • Display Messages on the Status Bar
  • Open a Linked Page in a New Window

Managing the Document

  • Write Content to a Document
  • Create a Dynamic Document
  • Manipulating Data and Functions
  • Create a Form
  • Create a Function
  • Store Data Using Variables
  • Manipulate Data Using Operators
  • Convert Data Types

Validating Statements Using Control Constructs

  • Validate Statements
  • Execute Statements Iteratively

Calculating Numerical Values

  • Calculate Numerical Values
  • Manipulate String Values
  • Manipulate Date Values

Using Regular Expressions and Understanding Ajax

  • Use Regular Expressions to Match Patterns in Strings
  • Understand the Basics of Ajax


You must have some basic knowledge of programming. You should be able to create web pages using XHTML code. You should also be proficient in using web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

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