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Foundation AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT (2D)

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Course Details


Course Duration – One to three days depending on existing knowledge and requirement

Benefits of Foundation AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT (2D) Course 

Our hands on Foundation course is designed for new users or users with very little experience of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT (Light).   The course duration is between one and three days depending on existing knowledge and requirements.

During this Foundation course, you will discover how to competently use AutoCAD. The objective of the course is to teach the user how to succeed with objects, units, layers and working with the Design Center. It covers topics such as using inquiry commands, creating and inserting blocks and styles.  You will be walked through the drawing and drafting tools needed for everyday use and is an ideal foundation for users new to AutoCAD.  Please check out the course content for further information.

Although no previous computer aided design skills are needed to attend this course, any drafting, design, engineering or architectural experience would be an advantage.  Attendees do need to be computer literate and familiar with Windows

We have the flexibility to deliver bespoke training solutions to meet your business needs. We can even provide the computers for use at your office!

Course Content

  1. Using the User Interface
  2. Displaying Objects
  3. Data Input
  4. Drawing Lines, Arcs, Circles
  5. Using Object Snaps
  6. Polar Tracking & PolarSnap
  7. Object Snap Tracking
  8. Working with Units
  9. Selecting Objects
  10. Using Move, Copy & Array
  11. Using Mirror, Rotate & Scale
  12. Using Layers
  13. Linetypes and Lineweights
  14. Matching Object Properties
  15. Changing Object Properties
  16. Using Inquiry Commands
  17. Trimming & Extending
  18. Parallel & Offset Geometry
  19. Joining & Breaking Objects
  20. Using Fillet & Chamfer Tools
  21. Using Layouts and Viewports
  22. Creating & Edit Multline Text
  23. Using Text Styles
  24. Creating & Editing Dimensions
  25. Using Dimension Styles
  26. Creating & Edit Hatching
  27. Creating & Inserting Blocks
  28. Working with DesignCenter
  29. Working with Polylines
  30. Creating Splines & Ellipses
  31. Plotting Drawings, inc PDF
  32. Using a Drawing Template


Experience of working with Windows based systems essential. Any drafting, design, engineering or architectural experience would be an advantage.

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