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public sector and voluntary organisations

FileMaker Pro - Basic

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Course Details

FileMaker Pro

Course Duration – One day

Course Objectives

This course covers how to view, edit, sort, and search for records, create databases, import data, and design layouts. It also covers table relationships, simple scripts, and complex find requests. You will also learn how to save data and reports as PDF and Microsoft Excel files.

Course Content

Getting started

  • Database terminology
  • Exploring FileMaker Pro 8
  • Getting help


  • Working with records
  • Sorting records
  • Finding records

Creating databases and importing data

  • Defining fields
  • Importing data

Complex find requests

  • Advanced find requests
  • Multiple criteria searches

Layout design

  • Adjusting layout objects
  • Formatting layout objects
  • New layouts
  • Tabbed layouts

Simple table relationships

  • Understanding relationships
  • Relating tables

Summarizing and sharing data

  • Creating summaries
  • Summarizing portal data
  • Saving data to other formats

Buttons and scripts

  • Simple buttons
  • Custom scripts


There are no prerequisites for this course.

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