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JavaScript: Enhancing Web Pages

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Course Details


Course Duration – One day

Course Objectives

You will use JavaScript to add enhancements to a website.

Course Contents

Exploring JavaScript

  • View JavaScript Effects
  • Examine JavaScript Code
  • Identify Errors in JavaScript

Getting Started with JavaScript

  • Display Messages in the Browser Window
  • Manage Events
  • Create Functions and Variables

Managing Object References and Control Structures

  • Assign Object References
  • Examine Control Structures and Code Formatting Techniques
  • Navigate Web Pages with the Select Object

Creating Interactivity with Images

  • Swap Images
  • Create Image Rollovers
  • Automate Dynamic Image Swapping
  • Creating Dynamic Styles and Positioning Effects
  • Manage Browser Differences
  • Change Styles Dynamically
  • Position Dynamic Elements

Working with Windows and Frames

  • Create Frames
  • Change Contents of a Frame
  • Load Pages into New Windows

Validating Form Data

  • Validate Data with Functions
  • Calculate Numeric Values
  • Script onSubmit and onReset Events


HTML Programming: Level 1, HTML Programming: Level 2, and Web Development with Cascading Style Sheets, (or equivalent knowledge).

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