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Crystal Reports Level 2

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Course Details

Crystal Reports

Course Duration - two days

Benefits of Crystal Reports Level 2 Course

Students accustomed with the basics of building and modifying reports will reap the benefits from our Crystal Reports Level 2 course, where they will learn to create complex reports and data sources using Crystal Reports' tools.

Are you gaining the benefits that Crystal Reports has to offer? We will teach you to how to get the full benefit out of Crystal reporting, so you can help improve the performance of your business.

This course is designed to give you comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge to plan and generate reports that will help you analyse and understand information. During our Crystal Reports Level 2 course, you will create running totals, build cross tabs into your reports and add sub reports.  You will also learn how to enhance your report processing by writing SQL statements, charting data and working with prompts.  Check out our course content for the fuller picture! 

To be successful on our Crystal Reports Level 2 course, you would have attended the Level 1 course.

Course Content

Creating Running Totals

  • Create a Running Total Field
  • Modify a Running Total Field
  • Create a Manual Running Total on Detail Data
  • Create a Manual Running Total on Summary Data

Building Cross-tabs in Your Report

  • Create a Cross-tab
  • Create a Specified Group Order
  • Filter a Cross-tab by Group
  • Change the Cross-tab Format
  • Conditionally Format Rows and Columns
  • Keep Groups Togethe

Adding Subreports

  • Insert a Subreport
  • Link a Subreport to a Primary Report
  • Edit a Subreport's Structure
  • Format a Subreport Using the Format Editor
  • Share Variables Between Subreports and Primary Reports
  • Create an On-demand Subreport

Creating Drill-downs

  • Create a Drill-down
  • Create Separate Headings for Drill-down Data

Enhancing Report Processing by Writing SQL Statements

  • Create a Report Using SQL Queries
  • Summarize Report Data Using SQL Aggregate Functions
  • Create Joins Using SQL
  • Create Subqueries
  • Create a SQL Expression Field

Charting Data

  • Create a Bar Chart
  • Modify a Chart
  • Format a Chart
  • Create a Chart Template
  • Create a Top N Chart
  • Create a Cross-tab Chart

Reporting on Excel Data with Crystal Reports

  • Create a Report Based on Excel Data
  • Modify a Report Generated from Excel Data
  • Update Data in a Report Based on Excel Data

Working with Prompts

  • Create a Static Prompt
  • Create a Dynamic Prompt

Enhancing Report Functionality

  • Group Data Hierarchically
  • Create a Dynamic Image
  • Create a Report Alert
  • Create a Geographic Map


Crystal Reports Level 1, or equivalent level of knowledge.

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