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Welcome to Insight

Delivering private IT training from businesses,
public sector and voluntary organisations

Adobe Flash Level 2

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Course Details


Course Duration – One day

Course Objectives

This course is designed for students who want to expand their Flash skills beyond developing simple animations, to use extended capabilities of Flash, including ActionScript, importing external multimedia content (graphics, video, and audio), and publishing options to customize the presentation of a finished movie. You will have experience using Flash, and will have used frame scripts to control Flash animations.

This course provides an intensive introduction to object-oriented programming in ActionScript. It is beneficial for students to have some programming experience and understanding of programming concepts before taking this course.

Course Content

Getting Started with an ActionScript Programming Project

  • Plan a Programming Project
  • Elements of ActionScript
  • Get Help on ActionScript Code
  • Testing and Debugging

Extending the Behaviour of Flash Objects

  • Extend Movie Clip Behaviour
  • Respond to Events

Accessing Structured Data

  • Parse XML
  • Use Arrays

Using Components for Display and User Input

  • Add Components and Set Properties
  • Populate Components with Content
  • Respond to Item Selection in a Component
  • Change the Appearance of Components

Using Media Content from External Sources

  • Load Image Content
  • Load Video Content
  • Load Audio Content

Making Rich Media Content Accessible

  • Improve Navigation for Accessibility
  • Make Content Readable by a Screen Reader

Publishing a Movie

  • Prepare to Publish from Flash
  • Edit the HTML Host Page
  • Add SWF Metadata
  • Publish to Various Formats


To ensure your success in this course, it is recommended that you first take the Adobe Flash Part 1 course, or have equivalent knowledge.

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