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Welcome to Insight

Delivering private IT training from businesses,
public sector and voluntary organisations

Adobe ColdFusion

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Course Details

cold fusion

Course Duration – One day

Course Objectives

This course is designed for those trained or experienced in HTML who are tasked with creating dynamic web pages using Adobe ColdFusion. You will build and deploy dynamic web applications using ColdFusion.

Course Content

Adding Dynamic Elements to a Page

  • Introduction to ColdFusion
  • Work with ColdFusion Builder
  • Build Pages with ColdFusion Builder
  • Add a Dynamic Text Display
  • Work with Images
  • Create a Dynamic Banner

Building Dynamic Site Navigation

  • Pass Data to Another Web Page Through a Link
  • Create the Default Page
  • Retrieve Information Passed to a Web Page Through a Link

Building Forms

  • Create a ColdFusion Form
  • Add Client Side Validation to a Form
  • Create a ColdFusion Page to Collect Results
  • Create a Form That Processes Itself
  • Enhance a ColdFusion Form Using Flash Elements

Presenting Data in Different Formats

  • Create Slide Presentations
  • Read Data from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Generate PDF Output

Enhancing the Functionality of Your Site

  • Subscribe to a Web Service
  • Add a Custom Tag from Adobe Exchange
  • Add Feeds
  • Integrating Google Maps
  • Embedding Flash Video
  • Working with the Progress Bar

Deploying Your Site

  • Test Your Work as a Complete System
  • Transfer Files to a Web Server
  • Monitor the ColdFusion Server


Web Design with XHTML, HTML & CSS - Levels 1 & 2, or equivalent level of knowledge.

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