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Welcome to Insight

Delivering private IT training from businesses,
public sector and voluntary organisations

Act! Level 2

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Course Details


Course Duration – One day

Course Objectives

This course covers how to customize the ACT! environment, query and exchange data, work with templates, administer ACT!, and use its Internet features.

Course Content

Customizing the ACT! Environment

  • Startup Preferences
  • How to Specify Startup Preferences
  • Fields
  • Field Names
  • Field Deletion
  • How to Customize Fields in a Database
  • Layouts
  • How to Customize Layouts
  • Dashboard Designer
  • How to Customize the Dashboard
  • The Customize Menus and Toolbars Dialog Box
  • How to Modify Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts

Creating Queries

  • Queries
  • The Lookup By Example Dialog Box
  • How to Perform a Lookup
  • Advanced Query
  • How to Create Advanced Queries

Exchanging Data

  • The Import Wizard
  • Field Mapping
  • The Merge Options
  • Delimited Text File
  • How to Import Data
  • The Export Wizard
  • How to Export Data
  • Synchronization
  • The ACT! Link for Pocket PC Wizard
  • How to Transfer Data to a Pocket PC
  • The Create Remote Database Command
  • The Synchronization Dialog Box
  • Sync Set
  • How to Work with a Remote Database

Using the Mail Merge Feature

  • How to Create a Template for Mail Merge
  • Form Letters
  • The Mail Merge Wizard
  • Mailing Labels and Envelopes
  • How to Generate Form Letters

Working with Report Templates

  • Report Templates
  • Section
  • How to Generate Reports Using a Report Template
  • Custom Report Templates
  • Report Designer
  • Summary Fields
  • Field Labels
  • How to Generate Reports Using a Custom Report Template

Administering the ACT! Database

  • User Accounts
  • Password Security
  • Security Roles
  • Field-Level Security
  • Record Access
  • The Share Database Option
  • Custom Permissions
  • How to Manage Data Security
  • Database Backup
  • The Remove Old Data Dialog Box
  • The Check and Repair Option
  • Duplicate Records
  • How to Perform Database Maintenance

Using the Internet and Email Features of ACT!

  • Web Page Attachments
  • ACT! Links
  • How to Create Web Page Attachments
  • Maps and Driving Directions
  • How to Generate Maps and Driving Directions
  • Email Services
  • The ACT! E-mail Window
  • How to Integrate ACT! with Email Applications


Act! Level 1, or equivalent knowledge.

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