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Microsoft Outlook Advanced

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Course Details


Course Duration - One Day

Benefits of Microsoft Outlook Advanced Course

Once you’ve completed the Microsoft Outlook Advanced course you will have a comprehensive and practical knowledge of its advanced features. It will leave you feeling more than confident when managing your contacts, and setting up rules and alerts which lets you perform actions on emails as they hit your inbox!

The fantastic tools in Outlook in general will help making email communication simpler, improves group planning, setting up of meetings and also allow access to the information you need all from one place. Learn how to collaborate with other Outlook users by sharing folders and giving permissions to view your information.

The course is 100% hands-on, led by highly experienced Microsoft Outlook trainers with many years of experience. Exercises are given to help the trainees practice the new skills they learn. It’s a one day course, as there is a lot to fit in and is suitable for those with a basic knowledge of Microsoft Outlook and want to tackle the more complicated features and functions.

If you would prefer, we can tailor the content to a half-day session meaning we can run two sessions in a day covering twice as many people.

Course Content

Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

  • This is used to inform people when you are out of the office. It can also be used to handle any mail that you receive while you are away. For example you can forward messages to someone else in your absence, or move particular messages to a folder other than the Inbox.

Rules and Alerts

  • The Rules and Alerts lets you perform actions on email as they arrive in your Inbox, or as you send them. For example you can have a message pop up when emails arrive from particular people.

Using the Find Feature

  • The Find feature helps you find items that are ‘lost’. You can search using a wide variety of options.

Customising your Quick Access Toolbar

  • This feature lets you change the icons that appear at the top of the Outlook screen.

Flagging Messages & Contacts

  • This feature lets you set a reminder on a mesage or a contact for you to follow it up at a later date. For example you could set a flag on a contact to call them in a week’s time.

Using Journal to record Outlook items and/or Microsoft Office documents

  • You can use Journal to record interactions (calls, meetings, letters sent, etc) with your Contacts.

Create Recurring Calendar Entries

  • Appointments, meetings and events can be set up as recurring entries. For example, a weekly team meeting, someone’s birthday, an annual conference.

Creating a Recurring Task

  • You can set Outlook to repeat a Task at regular intervals. For example, you might want to send a sales report to your manager on the last Friday of every month.

Assigning a Task to somebody else

  • If you want to assign a Task to somebody else, you can choose to have Outlook keep you up-to-date on progress.

Working with Folders

  • Share your folder(s) and/or Mailbox with another person.
  • Access someone else’s folder(s) and/or Mailbox.

Creating & Using Views in Outlook Folders

  • You can group, sort, filter, add or remove features, change font and customise the ‘look’ of your Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Outbox, Sent Items, Journal, Tasks and Notes folders.


Trainees should have attended the Introductory course or have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Outlook.

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