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HTML Level 2

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Course Details


Course Duration – One day

Course Objectives

This course has been designed to enhance the skills of existing HTML users. This course is 100% hands-on, with practical exercises to practice the new skills as you learn them.

Course Content

Enhancing Web Pages

  • Adding colour (Hexadecimal & RGB values and browser safe)
  • Creating scrolling text
  • Creating an alternative for a graphic
  • Adding a multimedia file
  • Understanding server & client-side maps
  • Creating an image map


  • Understanding & creating a form
  • Creating input fields (single & multiple-line text areas, checkboxes & radio buttons)
  • Creating a pull-down menu
  • Selecting multiple options from a pull-down menu
  • Creating a submit & reset button


  • Viewing a page with frames
  • Creating a frame & a nested frame
  • Linking to a frame
  • Using special target names with links
  • Formatting the border of a frame
  • Change the height & width of a frame margin
  • Controlling the scroll bars of a frame
  • Creating a navigation bar

Scripting in HTML

  • Understanding scripting
  • Creating & debugging a script
  • Cross-browser scripting issues
  • Understanding objects
  • Naming an object
  • Using JavaScript event handlers
  • Creating a user-defined function
  • Assigning a variable
  • Using a condition with a function

Web Page Design

  • Designing a web page
  • Formatting text
  • Graphic design principles
  • Using colour & images
  • Form layout
  • Using tables for page layout

Creating Web Sites

  • Locating web design resources
  • Designing for special needs audiences
  • Understanding cross-platform issue


HTML Level 1, or equivalent level of knowledge.

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