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HTML Level 1

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Course Details


Course Duration – One day

Course Objectives

This course has been designed to give first time users the skills they need to create and edit HTML documents for submission to a web server. The course is suitable for people who wish to understand and use HTML to improve their web site. This course is 100% hands on, with practical exercises to practice the new skills as you learn them.

Course Content

HTML Basics

  • Browsing the web
  • Web concepts
  • Browsing the web
  • Viewing the source code of a web page
  • Creating a simple HTML document
  • Adding body text to an HTML document

Adding text

  • Creating headings and paragraphs
  • Creating headings
  • Creating paragraphs and inserting line breaks
  • Adding comments
  • Using character entities
  • Formatting text
  • Formatting body text
  • Setting alignment
  • Using horizontal rules
  • Inserting a horizontal rule
  • Formatting a horizontal rule

Adding hyperlinks

  • Adding hyperlinks to another web site
  • Observing hyperlinks
  • Adding a hyperlink to another web site
  • Adding hyperlinks within your web site
  • Adding a hyperlink to another page on your site
  • Adding a hyperlink to a point within a page
  • Sending an e-mail from a page
  • Adding a mailto link

Images and backgrounds

  • Adding images
  • Adding an image to a web page
  • Aligning text around an image
  • Using a graphic as a hyperlink
  • Backgrounds
  • Adding a background colour
  • Adding a background image
  • Watermarking the background image

Adding lists

  • Adding unordered lists
  • Adding ordered lists
  • Adding definition lists
  • Working with lists
  • Using different types of bullets
  • Using an images as bullets
  • Nesting lists


  • Creating tables
  • Creating a table
  • Setting table properties
  • Adding headings in a table
  • Working with tables
  • Spanning cells across rows and columns
  • Setting alignment within a table
  • Inserting images and links within cells
  • Nested tables
  • Using nested tables

Introduction to style sheets

  • Embedded and inline styles
  • Using inline styles
  • Defining and using embedded styles
  • Using DIV and SPAN tags
  • Linked styles
  • Using a linked style sheet
  • Creating a style sheet file and linking it to a page
  • Cascading style sheets
  • Discussing cascading order of styles


Knowledge of Windows along with familiarity with using a keyboard and mouse is assumed. A basic working knowledge of a web publishing software package like Dreamweaver or FrontPage would be an advantage.

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